I hereby waive all manner of action and causes of actions, injuries, damages, claims, demands, and forever discharges of the Yellow Tigers Karate School, and all of their members and instructors from any and all claims, demands, and liabilities on account of any and all injuries, losses, and damages to my person or property which might be caused, or may at any time arise, by reason of me training under the direct supervision of members and instructors of the Yellow Tigers Karate School.


Student Enrollment Agreement

The student hereby represents that he/she is physically fit to receive and participate in the prescribed course of instruction.

Please explain upon arrival if medical condition exists.

I will faithfully comply with all the rules and regulations of the School and the traditions of the Martial Arts.

I understand that my tuition is due in the installments in which I select.


Photo, Video, Audio Release

The purchaser of this contract agrees that the seller may take photographs and may make video and audio material of student classes and school events, and that these materials may be used for which they may otherwise be entitled for appearing in such materials.

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