History Cont'd

Master Fort sits on the board of directors of the following organizations:  I.C.E (individual Conquering Excellence) TSDMAS (Tang Soo Do Martial Arts Society), He was inducted into the Youth Karate-Ka Hall of Fame.  Presented with the following awards:  ATA Appreciation award by Kyooshi Kevin Bolden; Community Award presented by Mfudishi Ahati Kilindi IYI; presented the title of Elder of the T'ai Ka-Ku-Chi system under Grandmaster Andre Hightower; Life Time Achievement award from the Dragon 8 fighting system under Great Grandmaster Robb "The Dragon" Hogan; Award of Appreciation by Grandmaster Dave Zacker; Masters Legend award presented by Master Richard Bell.  Mr. Fort is a former member of the AKA (American Karate Association), USKA (United States karate Assoc), and is now a member of the MSKC (Michigan Sport Karate Circuit) as a promoter of karate tournaments (The Spirit of Detroit National Karate Championships).


Master Fort has a very impressive tournament record having won over 100 Grand Championships and over 400 trophies, including several hundred awards for his contributions to the Martial Arts. His greatest Grand Championship trophy was won in 1982 inDetroit, MI at Wayne State University.  A bare knuckle full contact no blood disqualification tournament held by the Great Kajana Cetshwayo (Master instructor of the belts of Kenpo), which is described as people getting knocked out all over the tournament floor.  Master Fort has Body Guarded celebrities and toured the world such as:  Prince, Run DMC, CECE Penniston, Luther Vandross, Snoop Doggy Dog, Ki Ci & JoJo, Jodeci and the list goes on.          


When karate novice Delford Fort transformed his mother's Westside Detroit basement into a training facility over three decades ago.  He only wanted to share what he learned about martial arts in an effort to deter his neighborhood friends from the lure of fast money (selling drugs or gang affiliation). What came from this inspiration, were seven inner city black belts and the inception of Yellow Tigers Karate.  With the help of founding students/members:  Darryl Brown, Quintin Harbin, Derrick Lacey, Jake Mines, Jack Greer, Tony Greer, Donald Hannah and a host of others.  Fort built an organization that does much more than train and compete in the martial arts events . The Yellow Tigers have provided positive direction, just as they practiced themselves to literally thousands of people throughout metropolitan Detroit area.

The Yellow Tigers have existed since 1973, solely as a volunteer organization.  A variety of programs at countless churches, civic and community centers have been offered over the years.  In 1991, a building was donated and that is when the Yellow Tigers School of Martial Arts opened on James Couzens St. in Detroit. The school grew progressively for two years when the building was sold for future development. Since then the school has survived with the help of local organizations and the personal investment of Fort and the other black belts at the school.


As our organization has grown over the years,  so have the inner-city influences of drugs, gangs and gun violence.  In an effort to combat these urban ills more effectively, the Yellow Tigers were incorporated in 2005. As a non-profit organization and can now increase programs, relationships and student enrollment by capitalizing on funding sources available to non-profit organizations.  Future plans include securing a building that can accommodate up to 100 students offering comprehensive martial arts, after-school and weekend tutorial services, behavior modification, conflict resolution, total wellness training and a myriad of other outreach initiatives. 


The Yellow Tigers have competed locally and nationally since the early days. The entire school has traveled to various tournaments all over the Country. Currently students compete in every recognized level of events (forms, sparring and weapons). To date, the club has won well over 10,000 trophies across the country in various tournaments and contest. Our programs also expose students to intensive self-defense, anti-rape, don't talk to strangers, when to run and when to fight,  deter Domestic violence, cardiovascular and circuit training through kick-boxing, Wrestling, Aerobics and a lot of push ups.