Grandmaster Delford Fort (Founder) 1961-2015   

Grandmaster Delford Fort (Founder)


Delford became fascinated with the martial arts at an early age. He began taking karate lessons at Tiger-Chong's, which he paid for with his paper route money. He later began teaching other neighborhood kids what he learned in his mother's basement where he founded the Yellow Tigers Fighting Society and developed the Yochin Ryu Do Japanese Karate System.

Throughout the years, he volunteered his martial arts skills teaching students at various centers and churches in the City of Detroit, which led him to finally open the Yellow Tigers Karate School on Michigan Avenue. Delford put his blood, sweat and tears into making the school successful, and he gave his all to any student that came through the door no matter where they were from.

Delford was well respected in the martial arts community across the United States. His loving character and big heart found himself always doing for others ignoring his needs and he had the knack for bringing people together. After promoting five of his students to the rank of Grandmaster, he was elevated to the rank of Great Grandmaster of the Yochin Ryu Do Karate System.